Yoga4Kids & Teen Yoga

Secret Garden Yoga Shala, Gramais

Location: Gemeinderat, Gramais 16, Gramais 6650, Tirol

Yoga4Kids and Teen Yoga sessions incorporating the Yoga Bananas Technique.
Hannah is a trained school teacher as well as a fully qualified Hatha yoga and children's and teen yoga teacher from England, UK.

Small groups of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 young people at any one time.

Yoga classes are available for children:
ages 3 to 6,
ages 6 to 12, and
ages 12 to 18.

Classes focus on a fun mixture of yoga postures, breathing and meditation with storytelling, sound therapy, games, partner yoga, mandala colouring-in and movement to music.

Kids & Teens per hour 10,00 €

Kids & Teens - 10er Block 90,00 €

There are numerous physical and mental health benefits from regular yoga practice. Regular yoga practice also helps young people to improve their balance, co-ordination, focus, concentration, spacial and social awareness.

Yoga also helps kids to develop body awareness and how how to use their bodies in a healthy way. It teaches how to manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation techniques and movement which is natural and nourishing.


Teens and younger children alike can increase their confidence and positive self-image while also feeling part of a non-competitive all inclusive group.

Learn a language too!

For a twist, combine classic Hatha yoga techniques in German with learning and improving basic English skills! Some English vocabulary can be introduced in a fun and playful way so that kids can improve their English skills alongside their yoga practice!

Hannah graduated in her Postgraduate Certificate of Education at the University of Southampton, UK in 2012 (career change), but has been teaching languages working with young people since 1996. She qualified as a Yoga Bananas Children's Yoga Teacher in 2016, and as a Yoga Bananas Teen Yoga Teacher in 2019.

School Kids Meditating

Yoga4Kids and Teen Yoga are also able to come to your school!
If you're a school in Lechtal or Reutte in Tirol and would love to enjoy a yoga class, Hannah is happy to come to you and also to provide all yoga mats and equipment as part of the cost of the course. Please contact Hannah directly for more information. Thank you!

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