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What people say...

"Hannah is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration to me - her compassion as a person, her depth of spiritual knowledge and her passion for Yoga, create a calming and truly special atmosphere in which to learn and evolve. As a trainee Yoga teacher, the guidance and support that Hannah has offered me has been invaluable, giving me the confidence to finally allow myself to become a more authentic person and to value the joys of a slower paced, more meditative Yoga practice. Hannah's profound Yogic insight has shown me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance, both on and off the mat, for which I will always be so grateful for"  


"A beautiful soul who I had the honour to train in children's yoga many years ago just before she went on her odyssey to Austria. Being taught yoga by Hannah will be like being taught by an angel."

~Skip Oliver

'Hannah's yoga will exercise your mind as well as your body. Full of beautiful flowing sequences it will leave you feeling relaxed and tranquil.'


" Hannah is inspiring and devoted yoga teacher; it was a true pleasure to go to her classes."

~ Senja 9 years and Suvi 37 years

"What a completely DIVINE experience Yoga is with Hannah Brown one beautiful Yoga teacher full of love, understanding, support and wisdom. Thank you... I highly highly recommend beautiful Hannah."
~ Andrea

"Hannah has been an inspiration, helping me to find my inner calm and accept myself for who I am. Thank you".


“Hannah gives a very pleasant and enlightening class, I always enjoyed her teachings. She adapts to individual levels and is a pleasure to work with at one's own pace.”


~Patsy B

“Hannah has been my teacher from the very beginning on my yoga journey and I am very glad. Hannah is a brilliant teacher who is able to tailor the practice according to ones needs, and also incorporating personal experience into her teaching. Hannah is very easily approachable and always helpful, whether it is about yoga or life - in which she teaches to incorporate general yoga principles.”



“I really loved doing yoga with you [Hannah]for the past two years, the classes were always really good, and I loved that you would share a quote and we would use it as part of our practise.

I hope to do yoga with you one day in the future.”


 'Yoga with Hannah was very spiritual and enjoyable. She always made me feel safe and welcome and I never wanted to miss a practice with her!' 



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