Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is designed for the elderly or less-abled body and works towards maintaining a degree of mobility through movement and allowing a sense of well-being to emerge through the yoga practice. In addition to our body movements, we learn breathing, focusing, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. You can still do yoga if you are struggling with limited mobility, balance issues, or stubborn stiffness without ever leaving your seat! Hannah carefully combines her knowledge of living yoga - Hatha and Raja Yoga with the techniques she learned at Special Yoga to produce a beautifully integrated experience.


These classes are suitable for ALL. Caregivers are also invited to join in where possible.

Hannah trained with Special Yoga UK in 2020 to teach Chair Yoga and is delighted to share all she has learnt and enable others to find the same joy and freedom as she has. Hannah sustained severe spine injuries in 2007 and then lived for 14 years with restricted movement and chronic pain symptoms. Her physical condition has slowly but surely improved through constant yoga and meditation practices, am organic vegetarian diet and making big lifestyle changes.


60€ per hour 1-3 people


60€ per hour 1-3 people

3+ people 60€ + 20€ per person