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Private Retreats (1-2-1s) in Auszeitdorf Gramais

Please enquire for available dates

Private residential yoga retreats for individuals are based on half board in Gramais (private room with mountain views, organised by Hannah).
Fresh, org
anic and sattvic vegan or vegetarian meals) and all classes, personal sadhana and meditations included. 

What is included:


  • 2 x Full Hatha yoga sessions (with personally tailored instruction) per day - one in the early morning and one in early evening

  • Meditations and reflections throughout the day (Raja & Gyana yoga)

  • Meditative walks, exploring nature

  • Mantra chanting with music (Bhakti yoga) / or a sound relaxation session (optional)

  • 2 daily meals: morning raw juice/smoothie, brunch and dinner plus healthy snacks and drinks

2 day (2 nights) Weekender Private Retreat (Friday night to Sunday evening) from 444€ per person

** In the spirit of the tradition, for those sincere seekers who do not have much financial means, discounts are available in exchange for karma yoga. Please ask Hannah for details.


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