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Cancellation Terms /AGB

Pay ONLINE with Bank transfer, Card or PayPal.


Please email to receive bank transfer payment details.

Cash and card payments in person are also welcome - please bring the correct change where possible, thank you for your consideration.


My dear. The booking via the website is final and binding. Participation and cancellation conditions have also been accepted and read.

Cancellations for energy transfers are not possible. Refunds for misconduct during Zoom broadcasts or other rule violations will not be refunded.

Thank you.

One Love, Hannah

Right of withdrawal

With the order of energy transmissions (video recording) you were informed that cancellation is not possible. Even if you are unable to participate in a program, a refund is not possible. Also no refund if you are excluded for reasons of breaking the rules. You have read the terms and conditions and agreed to them by placing the order.


contract terms
The duration of the contract/ e.g. booked training or personal life support are regulated purely via this homepage, unless an individual agreement has been made. The cancellation must be made in writing. In writing means by post; E-mails, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS are not included as they do not correspond to the text form.

Changes to the contract during the year can only be made to the next higher tariff. Downgrading to a lower contract level is only possible after the regular contract term. If a contract change is made during the year, the contract term begins again.

Changes in address and bank details for members must be reported to Hannah Brown, Secret Garden Yoga immediately.


According to Section 33 of the Federal Data Protection Act, users are informed that their personal data will be stored and managed electronically by Hannah Brown for processing purposes. The provisions of the Data Protection Act are observed. To this extent, the user agrees to the electronic use and processing of their personal data. The transfer of personal data to other third parties is not permitted without a special declaration of consent from the person concerned.


If, despite a warning, the contractual partner repeatedly violates the self-evident rules of decency or the house rules or the online seminar rules or in the case of intentional damage to property or other important reasons, Hannah Brown, Secret Garden Yoga is entitled to terminate the contract without notice and to ban the house. And delete them from the program. The contractual partner's obligation to pay the agreed monthly fees by the next possible ordinary termination of the contract remains unaffected by this.


Hannah Brown, Secret Garden Yoga, reserves the right to change course offerings and opening hours in a reasonable manner. This applies in particular to short-term closure and maintenance work. The studio is entitled to close the studio for up to 2 weeks for any renovation work or similar organizational reasons within a year and also for public holidays, which will be announced in advance by notice, without affecting the terms of payment.


All fees and contributions will be debited monthly or weekly by direct debit from the specified account, provided direct debit authorization has been granted. The same applies from the revocation of the authorization to collect the fee by direct debit. Should direct debits be rejected without this being due to an error by Tom Kraus | Natur &
Leben would have been caused, the contractual partner has to reimburse Hannah Brown, Secret Garden Yoga, for all associated costs.


Free cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the start of the workshop/retreat minus 10% processing fee of the total costs, possible. The workshop costs will only be reimbursed in the event of illness/accident upon presentation of a medical certificate minus 20% processing costs until late. before the start of the workshop/retreat. The cancellation must be made in writing before the start of the workshop/retreat to Cancellations after the start of the workshop/retreat cannot be considered. The workshop/retreat registration is binding and the course costs already paid will not be reimbursed in the event of unexcused absence. Hannah Brown, Secret Garden Yoga reserves the right to remove all registered participants from the course participant list 7 days before the start of the workshop who have not paid the course fees by this time. 

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