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Terms & Conditions:



Living Yoga Sessions:
All LIVE Living Yoga sessions are to be booked online in advance, 12 hours before the class is due to start. Payment can be made either online or in person on the day. Once booked, barring extenuating circumstances, you make a promise to pay and make good on that payment.

All ONLINE Living Yoga sessions are only bookable online and can be booked up to 2 hours prior to the class. Payments to be made in advance via the website booking and payments functions please.
Once booked, barring extenuating circumstances, you make a promise to pay and make good on that payment.

Blocks of Living Yoga Sessions: 


The fee for a 10 Block Living Yoga Sessions must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.



All regular Living Yoga Sessions at Yoga Shala Gramais are offered in payment blocks of 10 with a fee of 180€. Payments are taken via the website or with cash in person is also welcome.


Block of Sessions:

Sessions are offered in blocks of 10 to be used within 12 weeks.

A pre-booked drop-in fee of 20€ is also possible.

Pre-booked missed Sessions:


If you know there are specific dates you cannot make due to holiday / work, I will add planned missed sessions onto the end of your block. Let me know at the time of booking for these sessions to be added. Please be aware blocks are not extendable after you have booked.

Short Notice Missed Sessions & Switches:

All classes must be cancelled 12 hours BEFORE the class. If not, you will still have to pay for and forfeit that class.

Any other missed session cannot be added to the end of a block. 

Once you have started your block and cannot make your booked session for any reason, I am unable to add this to the end of your block. Instead, if you let me know in advance, I will offer the option to switch to a different session in the same week if available.

Beginners Programme & Yoga Für Kinder Kurse:


Course fees are non-refundable / non-transferable should you be unable to attend or complete the booked course.

Private Tuition:

Sessions are payable in advance and are non-refundable if cancelled with less than 12 hours' notice.

Yoga in freier Natur:

Drop-in fee available.

Retreats & Workshops:


Deposits paid to secure places on any retreat or workshop are non-refundable / non-transferable. If you cancel your place after you have paid the full amount, the cost of the event minus the non-refundable deposit may be refunded to you if your place can be filled.


For Yoga 'n Climb©:

Please see terms from Hinterstein Bergschule.


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