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Hannah : Brown

(Certified and Registered 200 Hour Yoga Instructor since 2014,

Advanced Teacher since 2016)

Fully insured with BGI


I came to yoga in 2010, drawn initially for medical reasons, however, I then embarked upon an amazing journey with daily hatha yoga, breathwork, kriya chanting and other meditation practices. I've been teaching meditation for ten years now, and yoga for almost as long. Yoga has become a way of life. it's woven into every thread of life's great tapestry.

Hannah : Brown

Schoolteacher (modern foreign languages) since 2012
Certified and Registered 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher since 2014 and Breath Coach and Advanced Teacher since 2016 -Yoga Sanctuary, Wildwood Ashram, UK
Children's Yoga Teacher since 2016 - Yoga Bananas Technique
Teen Yoga Teacher since 2019 -Yoga Bananas Technique
Akashic Records Reader since 2019 - Meike Schröder, Gabrielle Orr
Chair Yoga Teacher since 2021 -Special Yoga
Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner since 2023 - Meike Schröder, Gabrielle Orr
Authentic Traditional Thai Yoga Massage since 2023 - Sunshine House


In gratitude

In 2010, I was looking for some help dealing with chronic pain and burnout and started to study and practice yoga under the guidance of Steve Harrison at the Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton, UK. it simply transformed my life. I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training programme over a period of 18 months there, graduating in 2014, and then studied a further 18 months of an advanced teacher training programme. Over 6 years, she studied and practised thousands of hours of yoga, meditation, scripture and philosophy courses and discovered a profound love for mantra and music, kirtan there. I lived a bit like a nun or a monk for a while, changed my whole way of life, including diet, work, play and rest.


Having relocated to Austria in July 2016,  I remain remotely connected to the Yoga Sanctuary at Wildwood Ashram and I often practice online with Steve and the sangha. I continue to draw inspiration from all that I have learned there in the past 13 years.


I have also become a semi-regular attendee at Sri M and the Satsang Foundation Swiss Mountain Retreats, drawn to sangha and satsangha, and the Vedanta and Kriya teachings since 2018.                                                                                                                                                                     

I also find guidance and inspiration through self study, music, dance, through people I meet along life's great journey, other philosophical and spiritual teachers, and increasingly, from mother nature herself. I feel drawn to the elements, working increasingly with water, up here where maby of the great rivers begin.

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Nature Connection

Mother Nature is one of my greatest teachers. In my spare time, I love to get out into the mountains, to walk and hike a litte and in winter, a little cross-country and downhill skiing.

I enjoy spending time forest bathing, barefoot walking, toe dipping and swimming in cold lakes and rivers. I also enjoy gardening and I love to sing, make music and dance.

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