Flying as high as a kite. As natural as can be. Just me and you and you and me. As within, as without, as above, as below, cosmos both macro and micro, following the flow. As stars align and timelines collide, I take a deep breath and reach for the sky. Bursting with joy, being set alight, buzzing inside and eyes shining bright, I willingly burn, yearn, to purify, to die and to die and to die…

And so after the high, then comes the low, the slow ebb of pain, the separation of the ego, the dimming of the flame. The tears and the reflection of the years gone by, the reasons why, the lessons learned, the karma earned, the fingers burned…

Into the vulnerable space, the naked, the unsure one, who cannot keep face, the freshly stripped back, the reborn, the forlorn… but oh so true, and brand spanking new.

But into the fresh light of day I step, blinking and stumbling but with my heart set, on opening and releasing the past, on laying myself bare and dropping all masks. As I release the fear and embrace the love, I bow to the masters and heavens above, ever grateful for each new day and every opportunity to grow that comes my way. Thank you forever, for what was today.

Love Hannah ✨🙏🌟

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