Akashic Records Gui-Dance

The Akashic Records are the universal field of energy and information. Each soul has its own Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Akashic Records Hall (or Library) is where all of these Akashic records are stored energetically.

Through an Akashic Records Consultation, you can gain insight into and form a deeper understanding of your purpose and your dance through life. Any blockages can be identified and worked through to release.


The kinds of topics referred to in the Akashic Records include:

• Spiritual development and growth


• Life path


• Relationship and the relationship dynamics with family and friends


• Recurring patterns and behaviors


• Recurring dreams


• Soul tasks


• Creative expression


• Health


• Prosperity, manifestation

• Effects / influences from previous lives


• Influences from other people and areas of life



Hannah is a certified Akashic Record Consultant, having trained with Meike Schröder Shakti in 2018 in the Gabriella Orr path, "One True Love". An Akashic Record Consultation will be facilitated by opening your records with a Sacred Prayer. An open conversation, led by your questions, will then unfold in which information from the Akasha will come through to support and guide you on your life path. All information that is revealed to you is held in the strictest confidence.

Hannah is registered and insured as an Akashic Record Consultant with the IYN.


60 minute consultation (online via Zoom or in person) 120€