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Akashic Records Readings 


In your Akashic Records reading, access to your records is opened and honoured with a sacred prayer. A dialogue then unfolds led by your personal questions which extracts the available relevant information from your records. Details about your past may or may not come forward depending upon their relevance to your present situation. The information in the Akashic Records helps us bring our past and future present into our NOW.

Hannah's commitment to you is her preparation and openness in saying what comes directly from the Masters and Teachers who look after your records. She is guided by your questions, intentions and comments and intends to be as authentic as possible and all information that is passed on to you is held in strict confidentiality.

Hannah qualified as an Akashic Records Consultant (Levels 1&2) in 2019, and as an Advanced Consultant (Levels 3&4) in 2023 through Meike Schröder using the Gabrielle Orr method. 

 If you had a psychic or soul (or tarot) reading ... then your reader would inevitably be dipping in and out of your Akash and their access would be dependent on their personal frequency.
The Akashic Records are a library of information created to document the entire human experience since physical life began and the majority of information within was recorded at a third dimensional level. Every single life that we’ve had on Earth since Atlantis is held here in Etheric.
- Tim Whild

Topics referred to in the Akashic Records


• Spiritual development and growth


• Life path


• Relationship and the relationship dynamics with family and friends


• Recurring patterns and behaviours


• Recurring dreams


• Effects / influences from previous lives


• Influences from other people and areas of life


• Soul tasks


• Creative expression


• Health and prosperity

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