About Secret Garden Yoga

Secret Garden Yoga offers a free-flowing or vinyasa style of hatha yoga, with some longer holds. It stems from Hannah's training in England in Living Yoga. It comprises primarily hatha yoga flow which is asana (moving meditation) and pranayama (deep breathing) with meditation (stillness). Our physical hatha practice is often accompanied by traditional teachings or a little satsang or philosophising on life and truth and how to integrate yoga into our daily lives. We also include aspects of gyana yoga (self inquiry), raja yoga (concentration), bhakti yoga (devotional chanting and ceremony) and karma yoga (service to life and others) in our practice. We look at Vedanta and and explore the Shankacharya lineage and teachings, Patanjali and Ashtanga or the Eight Steps of Yoga, among the many teachings he brought us.

What is Living Yoga?

LIVING YOGA is yoga for everyday life: hatha yoga (asanas and pranayama) classes in a vinyasa flow where we cultivate the seeds of growth. It’s all about opening and growing...What do you want to grow in the garden of your mind? Living Yoga is a system developed and taught by Steve Harrison of the Yoga Sanctuary Southampton, UK and is a complete system of Hatha Yoga for the modern Yogini or Yogi who has a deep desire to transform themselves and their life experiences.

*Regular students are expected to commit to a daily practice to fulfill their highest potential and support throughout is offered by Hannah to help feed your flow.


Living Yoga is both on and off the mat

Meditation, movement, harnessing the power of the breath, embodying ancient philosophies: yoga practice and its application to live a more fulfilled, self empowered and healthy life. We work on building strength and flexibility and balancing the body energetically. Transformation of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies - cultivate your own growth through Self-empowerment.

We use movement (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation to help us to free our body, mind and Self. Yoga Philosophy is delicately interwoven into each class tapestry to encourage practitioners to lead a more fulfilling and positive life.

Vinyasa translates from Sanskrit meaning “to place in a special way” and by synchronizing the breath with movement, these classes become an energetic way to transform the body, find a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. The continuous movement of vinyasa reflects the impermanence of all forms and the necessity of accepting change to achieve balance and completeness. Vinyasa flow focuses on each and every movement being linked by a constant flow of controlled breath work. The breath is the golden thread that seamlessly weaves through each pose to the next, creating a beautiful tapestry of movement, breath and stillness.

Adult classes are currently taught in English and/or German and Yoga4Kids and Teen Yoga in German with some educational English.


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"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our garden." - Shakespeare.

It's an invitation to open to a new life full of possibility: LIVING YOGA.


"Living Yoga is a complete system of Yoga for ANYONE who wishes to live a more conscious, self-empowered, healthy and blissful existence."

- Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton, UK

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