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Hatha Yoga in a vinyasa flow

Meditation, breath work and movement

I fell in love with a story as a little girl. This story was all about a young orphan girl called Mary. Mary finds herself at her uncle's house in Yorkshire, England and soon discovers a secret, hidden rose garden and new friends. Tending this garden and her new friendships, they discover that the garden magically heals their lives. This book was the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

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About Me

Wake the love up!

When I bought my little house in Southampton, UK in 2010, one of my neighbours and friends referred to my garden as the Secret Garden. So the name was born. Even though I now live in the Austrian Alps, this quote from Dr Wayne Dyer sums it up:

"There is a secret garden inside each and every one of us and that door opens inward."

Hannah Brown

Secret Garden Yoga is yoga for everyday life: hatha yoga (asanas and pranayama) classes in a flowing vinyasa style of yoga where we cultivate the seeds of growth. It’s all about opening and growing... It stems from Hannah's Living Yoga training in England. It comprises primarily hatha yoga flow which is asana (moving meditation) and pranayama (deep breathing) with meditation (stillness).


Vinyasa translates from Sanskrit meaning “to place in a special way” and by synchronizing the breath with movement, these classes become an energetic way to transform the body-mind system. Vinyasa flow focuses on each and every movement being linked by a constant flow of controlled breath work. The breath is the golden thread that seamlessly weaves through each pose to the next, creating a beautiful tapestry of movement, breath and stillness.


What do you want to grow in the garden of your mind?


Our physical hatha practice is sometimes accompanied by traditional teachings or a little satsang or group philosophising on life and truth and how to integrate yoga into our daily lives. We also include aspects of gyana yoga (self inquiry), raja yoga (concentration), bhakti yoga (devotional chanting and ceremony) and karma yoga or seva (service to life and others) in our practice. We explore a little of the Vedanta and the Shankya schools of philosophy, and Patanjali's Ashtanga or the Eight Steps of Yoga.

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